Global Markets launches its intelligence platform; Umbrella

Global Market,  a leading market research company set in Kuwait, has launched Umbrella, a user-friendly business intelligence platform with comprehensive data about businesses in the region.

The subscription-based service boasts a user-friendly platform, designed to focus on quantifying business locations and connecting their operational and performance characteristics. Umbrella is developed around 4 main elements; people, companies, brands, and locations. Each element includes geographical locations of outlets, contact information (social media, email, and phone numbers), subsidiaries, business affiliates, estimated sales. The service can be accessed on Subscribers can find information to connect with business owners through the “People” page. The page includes contact information about business owners along with any news update about their direct involvement in the business world.

Subscribers can also find the legal structure, business subsidiaries and affiliates in the region, contact information, business owners, and company news are listed in the companies page. Additionally, the service offers information about brand operating, from brand introduction in the region with its store openings and closings, operating companies, and map view of its locations. Subscribers can compare estimated sales, features, and facilities of two locations from the brands page.

Additionally, subscribers can find information about the location opening date, staff count and their nationalities, working hours, store facilities and features such as front of house areas and furniture, sales estimates, and news.

Global Markets has set striding steps in transforming the business data and information grounds in the GCC for four years and has recently launched a business intelligence game changer. Businesses have long been lacking the credible information and data sources in the industries they compete in the region. The research methodology undertaken by Global Markets has proven reliable and trustworthy by many conglomerates. Conducting intensive primary research with 100% sample coverage is key in reducing the margin of error and developing more micro level understanding of market dynamics.

Global Markets invested heavily in developing the platform to connect data together and enable subscribers to generate coherent information sets to help them in their daily business decisions. The ultimate goal of the platform is to enhance the business decision practices in the GCC.

About Global Markets

Global Markets is a market research and a business intelligence company that was established in 2010 in Kuwait. The company estimates market sizes and shares by conducting on-site primary and secondary research. The detailed and micro study of businesses and brands is the key differentiator factor for Global Markets’ businesses model. The company’s strength in linking information from business owners to their operating branches is valuable to better understand market conditions.

Ramadan Kareem

Global Markets wishes everyone a happy and gracious Ramadan. It is amazing how time flies quickly and we hardly notice it. Ramadan, Eid, and other major events are good stopping points for all of us to evaluate how much we contributed to this world and made it a better place. It is crucial to remember the happiness we desire should be extended to the next generation and this can not happen without positive contribution to society and the world. We believe at Global Markets life is driven by events and those events change us for better or worse. Let’s make Ramadan one of those events that change us for better.

Happy New Year!

Great things are coming

The year 2014 was full of challenges, risks, and success stories. The events and stories faced in 2014 are cooking to become new great ideas in 2015. We are looking forward to accelerate and further expand our services. See you all in 2015.

Keep smiling!

Happy Eid

We would like to wish everyone a happy Eid. Ramadan was a great opportunity to change our daily routines that we are used to all year long. Such changes in activities and habits play a major role in our way of thinking and innovation. We believe that everyone who thrives for new ideas outside the box must undergo such massive routine changes at least once a year to achieve the unthinkable.

Our reports are now online

Global Markets have come along way and is slowly increasing its services basket and delivery options. We are proud to announce the report shopping section in our website is now functional. The new section will be updated regularly with new market insights and reports. We believe that our local and international clients are in need for easy yet insightful access to information which can be found in our report shopping  section. Please follow to view our reports which will be increasing in regular bases. Additionally please check out our free reports at


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