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From his unique position as head of Global Markets, Kuwait’s business intelligence and market research firm, Ali Boshehry explains and assesses the trends and trials facing Kuwait’s burger businesses. Kuwait’s food and beverage industry is a dominant force in a region where dining, catering and entertaining is a huge part of the culture. For many […]

Dairy Queen is expanding in the GCC

Dairy Queen recently released information that it will relaunch its Kuwait and UAE operations in 2015. The brand is currently present in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman. Al Safwa Food launched Dairy Queen in 2011 in Saudi Arabia and currently operates less than 10 locations. Jawad Group of Bahrain operates 11 locations in Bahrain, 5 […]


تطور صناعة الهمبرجر في الكويت

قائمة الوجبات السريعة لدى الكويتيين كانت تضم الفلافل والشاورما والفطائرحتى عام 1994 حين انضم الهمبرجر لهذه القائمة.  افتتح ماكدونالدز أول فرع له في الكويت عام 1994 وتلاه جوني روكتس في عام 1995 وأخيرا برجر كنج في عام 1997. تقسيم المطاعم المقدمة لوجبات الهمبرجر لم يتطور منذ دخول المنافسين من  مطاعم الوجبات السريعة أو من مطاعم […]

M. H. Alshaya Co.

Alshaya is now delivering popcorn to Wafra

M.H. Alshaya Company, Alshaya, launched its home delivery service for some of its casual and fast casual food service brands on the mid of of February. The launch was expected since Alshaya has a long track record of strongly controlling its brand portfolio. The website,, currently offers two services, pickup and delivery.  Seven restaurants […]

Branded Hotels in Saudi Infographic

Infographic: Branded Hotels in Saudi Arabia 2012

Global Markets is glad to announce infographics design as a new addition to our prime services. Infographics are intensive data and information sets offered to readers in an attractive presentation. Our first infographic is about branded hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The information focuses on the distribution and the availability of international brands […]


Chocolate Cereal Products in Kuwait

Market Review The current cereal supply market is dominated by Kellogg’s and Nestle providing a wide range of product flavors and portions while dominating the biggest shelf share in retail and wholesale outlets. There are other smaller players such as Weetabix, Country Farm, General Mills, and Heaven Birds but they lack the shelf presence and […]

telecom networks development kuwait

Kuwait Telecom Market Snapshot 2011

Download PDF Format Kuwait was the first of many countries in the MENA region to enter the wireless communication industry by establishing Mobile Telecommunications Company in 1983. MTC (currently named Zain) was mainly owned by the Kuwaiti Government with a 49% stake of the company, which was reduced to 25% in 2001. Wataniya Telecom was commercially […]