Global Markets is a specialized consultancy firm in market research and business intelligence services. Our vision is to become the one stop hub for credible data and information of location based businesses in the MENA region. Our mission is to collect, verify, structure, and connect data and convert them into meaningful information. We will always strive to present our information and estimates in the easiest way possible to help businesses make the right decisions.

Global Markets applies leading practices that differentiate the company in the marketplace. Global Markets’ research methodology depends on covering 100% of businesses that have a physical market presence. The 100% business profiling helps reach new conclusions and ideas that are impossible to obtain by estimating only samples of the market. The detailed and micro study of business and brands is the key differentiator factor for Global Markets’ business model. The company’s strength in linking information from business owners to their operating branches is valuable to reach and better understand market conditions.

Service Units

Global Markets consultancy services consist of the following:

  1. Umbrella – Intelligence Platform
  2. Market Research and Business Intelligence
  3. Area & Site Analysis
  4. News Listening