Mystery Shopping

Global Markets assists its clients to understand the true nature of their products and services presence in the market. Our mystery shopping team is highly qualified to engage with products and services in the market while analyzing the external and internal factors surrounding the focused subjects. We believe that our clients should have a 360 degrees understanding of their company presence in the market. We at Global Markets provide Mystery Shopping services at 4 dimensions:

  • Personal Mystery Shopping: We visit your stores, interact with your employees and provide an overall assessment of the services and products offered to customers.
  • Visual Mystery Shopping: We assist our clients to learn about how their products are displayed, priced, promoted, and categorized in the market but capturing and photographing their products and services in real life.
  • Virtual Mystery Shopping: online and over the phone services are also playing a crucial part in our clients’ service portfolio. Global Markets local teams have been interacting with new service channels and provide their providers with in-depth analysis of their quality.

Our services do not stop at conducting the surveys only but also analyse them and provide solutions and recommendations. We also follow up with our clients and asses the implemented upgrades and solutions and how it impacts sales and customer satisfaction.