Credible market estimates with localized insights

Global Markets introduced international market research practices in the GCC countries more than 10 years ago. Profiling businesses, brands, and performances enabled Global Markets to develop highly credible market insights.

Global Markets is a specialized consultancy firm in market research and business intelligence services covering the six Gulf Cooperative Council countries. Building market size and share estimates is Global Markets’ speacility. The bottom-up approach of sizes and share estimates is key to Global Markets’ ability to provide insights in a region that lacks micro level data.

Research Coverage



Market Research

Our market size and share estimates assist our clients in learning about their operational and performance market position. The detailed and micro study of businesses and brands is the key differentiator factor for Global Markets’ business model.

Area and Site Analysis

Global Markets developed a site analysis selection process to assist clients in evaluating their next expansion territory or store.


Umbrella is a business intelligence platform that enables members to research value and volume indicators of different industries.

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Localized data driven decision making builds sustainable future

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