Chocolate Cereal Products in Kuwait

Market Review

The current cereal supply market is dominated by Kellogg’s and Nestle providing a wide range of product flavors and portions while dominating the biggest shelf share in retail and wholesale outlets. There are other smaller players such as Weetabix, Country Farm, General Mills, and Heaven Birds but they lack the shelf presence and variety in many outlets. The analysis divided competing supply in the market based on product composition which constitutes of cereal with chocolate filling and/or filling.  Direct competition to the proposed product has been introduced recently into the market by Kellogg’s with its Trésor brand which comes in two different flavors; milk chocolate and chocolate hazelnut. Indirect competition has been also considered in the analysis by covering chocolate cereal of all other shapes such rice toasted chocolate cereal, shells chocolate cereal, and coco pops. Continue reading “Chocolate Cereal Products in Kuwait”