Market Research and Business Intelligence

Our market size and share estimates assist our clients in learning about their operational and performance market position. Such awareness assists them in enhancing their current market positioning and capitalize on their competitive advantages to increase their market share.

Area & Site Analysis

The site analysis selection process was developed to assist clients in evaluating their next store location. The site analysis service is one of the applications of our massive data warehouse of real estate estate, retail, services, restaurants, and demographics. The approach considers more than 15 factors to evaluate potential locations. Clients receive an evaluation score of how suitable the location is to their brand.

Data Cleaning

The massive data intake Global Market exercises from different publicly available data in English and Arabic enabled the company to develop effeicit and localized knowldge of data cleaning pratices in the region.

The Umbrella Project

Umbrella is a business intelligence platform that enables members to research value and volume indicators of different industries.