Market Research

Global Markets has experienced teams that are familiar with the different markets in the GCC. Global Markets developed its own research methodology that is applied throughout the research and data construction process.  The ultimate goal of our work is to provide an actual reflection of the current market conditions that surround our clients’ needs. Our market size and share estimates assist our clients in learning about their operational and performance market position. Such awareness assists them in enhancing their current market positioning and capitalize on their competitive advantages to increase their market share.

Global Markets’ research methodology depends on covering 100% of businesses that have physical market presence. The 100% business profiling helps reach new conclusions and ideas that are impossible to obtain by estimating only samples of the market. The detailed and micro study of business and brands is the key differentiator factor for Global Markets’ business model. The company’s strength in linking information from business owners to their operating branches is valuable to reach and better understand market conditions.

Businesses which have an insight of the macro and micro market conditions can make better present and future business decisions. Our work through the different components cover:

  • Macro and micro market conditions
  • Field and on-desk data collection
  • Product and service positioning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Supply and Demand Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Strategic Planning