Umbrella – Intelligence Platform

Umbrella is a business intelligence platform that enables members to view, research, and analyze value and volume indicators of different industries. Such information benefits both existing market players and new entrants to learn about the potential of their markets and their market position. The industries featured on Umbrella are:

Restaurants and Foodservice

the restaurants database features revenue and location based intelligence of restaurants and central kitchens in the GCC with sales revenue estimates along with operational profiling such as areas, working staff, closed and upcoming locations.


The retail industry profiling of different retail specialisations such as fashion, accessories, furniture, and electronics with sales revenue and operational characteristics profiling.

Real Estate

Global Markets conducts an annual survey of all the projects that are under construction in the GCC. The purpose of the survey is to assist retail and restaurant operators in planning their brand expansion. The survey includes information about project geographical location, ownership, construction estimated start and completion dates, and any other published information about the developments.