Umbrella Apps

Umbrella is a business intelligence platform that enables members to view, research, and analyze value and volume indicators of different industries. Such information benefits both existing market players and new entrants to learn about the potential of their markets and their market position.

Store Status Monitor

Delivery aggregators play a cruical role in expanding businesses reach byeond their store boundaries. The aggregators operate within certain resources such as manpower and vechiles and usually face difficulties during high demand hours. Listed businesses with better contractual terms secure higher resources from delivery aggreagators which puts smaller players at risk of being flagged as busy while they are not. Umbrella Monitors provides listed businesses of monitoring their stores of being set to busy without their permission to better control of their delivery sales.

Delivery Customer Monitor

The Umbrella Customer Montiors enables listed businesses in delivery aggregators to obtain more information about their customers such as first and last name, address, customer contacts, order pick up and delivery time.

Evaluating sites to check their suitablity to your brand is made easier with the Umbrella Site Analysis tool. The tool enables its users such as brand owners and tenants to apply the detailed weighted decision matrix of fifteen different metrics in less than 10 minutes. The tool provides instant demographics analysis, leasing metrics, accessibility, parking, traffic, and other metrics in one unified and automated interface.

Tenants looking to obtain quick leasing benchmarking of their intended store is now possible with the Umbrella Leasing Analysis tool. With a pin drop on an interactive mapping tool, users can benchmark the lease rates and key money proposed in store versus that similar location types and within close proximity.

Global Markets’ extensive secondary research involves tracking industry, brand, location, real estate, and country news and reports. The News Listening service transforms the existing information fed into the business intelligence platform for users to easily view and learn about market updates. The service tracks news and updates in print and online news mentions.