The why

Brand Owners & Operators

The detailed and micro analysis of brands and businesses helps brand owners and operators to learn about their market position within a well structure industry definition. Due to the massive data structure Global Markets developed over the years, it can develop a brand mapping mechanism to industries based on the right brand pools. The right competitive set selection generates the right market size and shares of market players. Brand owners and operators can benefit from Global Markets’ tools in one of the following ways:

Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers’ main objective is to develop a project that can generate continuous lease income at extended periods without interruption. The goal can only be achieved if the tenant mix is profitable to generate revenue that can afford the lease and other operating expenses. Developing the right tenant mix that is needed by the trade/catchment area is a key service by Global Markets. Global Markets utilizes its Umbrella datasets to develop a value and volume gap analysis for real estate projects given their permitted municipal guidelines and developers’ vision. The value and volume gap analysis helps real estate developers learn about the missing business activities within their catchment that are projected to generate healthy performances and therefore continue their leases for extended periods.

Mall Owners & Operators

Market cycles affect the occupancy in retail malls, strips, and other types of real estate. Vacancies can be tackled through the utilization of Umbrella and Global Markets’ gap analysis services. Umbrella can be utilized as an intelligent tenant discovery tool to explore the right brands for the different vacancies within a mall. Umbrella’s ability to connect industries, brands, and their owners is a great tool for leasing teams to utilize and save time hunting such information in the GCC region. Boarding brands from different countries can be done easily using Umbrella and Global Markets gap analysis tools.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions such as banks, venture capital firms, and family offices are always scouting and evaluating opportunities. Global Markets market size estimates have helped financial institutions understand the market growth potential of acquiring businesses in different industries. Additionally, Global Markets revenue estimates of outlets, brands, and therefore companies is a great tool to validate performances prior to acquiring businesses.